Alan Huck and Jonas Feige, Book

A special collaboration and dialogue, a weaving of images made by each artists.

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What Makes A Lake?, Book
Spring 2023

What is a lake beyond its water? Its robust ecosystems include all that lies in the margins: wetlands, bogs, and floodplain forests and their respective flora and fauna; carnivorous plants and fungi; it is the rocks that line its shores, the rivers that feed it, the invasive species that have come to call it home: Japanese Knotweed, Zebra Mussel, Didymo, among many others. We are also the lake: our gaze, our histories, and memories. 

The aim of this project is to create a portrait not only of Lake Champlain and its rivers, streams, and outlets, but of all lakes, particularly those whose health is in decline. Our natural communities are being subsumed by the implications of climate change, agriculture, urban and suburban runoff, and overpopulation. Our hope is that What Makes a Lake? will offer an intimate experience of these places, shine a light on details that might otherwise go unnoticed, engendering a new connection to our most vulnerable ecosystems. In exploring an expanded scope of lakes around many different communities, we see how all these bodies of water are not isolated but rather flowing in and out of one another, reminding us how much our impact ripples out.What changes can be made with new awareness?

More soon with a pre-order announcement.