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Another Earth is a publishing project created by artists Abbey Meaker, Cristian Ordóñez, and Estefania Puerta.

We make artist books and ephemera in limited editions and believe in printed matter as a transporting, material space for experiencing art, ideas, and visual narratives.

Vermont and Toronto based, artist-centric, multilingual platform interested in unique perspectives and ideas about natural environments, science fiction, artist practice, psychoanalysis, and analog processes.

Another Earth supports artists working in a broad range of media with a focus on print and digital matter and experimental sound works on tape.

Our Team
Abbey Meaker
Cristian Ordóñez
Estefania Puerta

Vermont, US and Toronto, Canada

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with the following artists.

Orders and Shipping
Orders shipping from the US and Canada within two weeks of order.

Please contact with any shipping inquiries.

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Printed Matter NYC
Baltimore Photo Space
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