Another Earth

Artist book by Cristian Ordóñez, part of the exhibition of the same name. It reinforces the artists’ interest in book form, using the materials and medium to express themes of fragility, vulnerability and memory present in heritage buildings around the city of Toronto. Many of these buildings are being demolished for newer condominiums to support gentrification, a common occurrence throughout the last decade.

The book and exhibition at Project 107 Gallery in Toronto, uses recycled materials, repurposing them for their construction.

Limited edition of 8 copies + 1AP
10 x 13 inches, 52 Pages
Newsprint, French Fold + Gate folds
Repurposed Chipboard Cover
Side Sewn Binding + Elastic
Published by Another Earth
Text by Stefan Novakovic, Architecture Critic
Book designed and edited by Cristian Ordóñez.
Print supported by Gas Company Inc.

Displace, Project 107 Gallery, Toronto
Salon 44, Gallery 44, Toronto

New York Review of Architecture


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