Another Earth

Land Chapters Tape, 2021.
Limited edition of 50

Tape of field recordings and compositions made in response to the artists’ surroundings for the exhibition Land Chapters. Printed and produced in Vermont.

Graphic design by Cristian Ordóñez.


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Side A

Brian Raymond: Tree Hollow Composition. Maple tree hollow strung with harp strings, processed thru OP1, eh95000, and Spongefork. Run Time: 10

Ivan Forde: Sanctuary/San Cristoforo (Saint of travelers). Played on organ and Synthesizer. Vocals by Ivan Forde and Sonia Louise Davis. Run time: 8:49

Stephanie Wilson: The Sound of You. Recorded on an iPhone. Run Time: 2:30

Side B

Wren Kitz: Beaver Pond Hill 16. Recorded on site in Richmond, VT to tape. Transferred to 16 tape loops of various lengths to be composed, mixed, and mastered to 'Beaver Pond Hill 16' master tape. Run Time: 18:36