Another Earth

Natural History, Vol. 1. Wren Kitz. 2022.

Wren Kitz, Cassette Tape
Natural History, Vol. 1. 2022

Wren Kitz’s Natural History, Vol. 1 is a compilation of outdoor and wildlife recordings made in New England, 2019-2022. All sound was recorded with a 1960s Nagra III on 1/4 inch tape and a 1970s Nakamichi 550 on cassette tape. Everything you hear is as it sounded while it was recorded. There is no overdubbing.

Be transported to the shore of Stone Pond while the Loon wails, huddled in a blind by a swamp at the edge of a floodplain forest, and to the nightscape of Gosport Harbor, Isles of Shoals.


Side A

On the Rocks, Facing East
'You Did Come Back' Chant
Truck Trestle/Truck Crew on the Kitchen Loading Dock
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Repairing Breakwater 1 Between Star and Cedar Islands
Banjo Player on Baker Porch
Power House
Chattering on the Pier
No Swim Beach
Beebe Cemetery Trench
Gosport Chapel
'Landlocked' by Celia Thaxter Excerpt Read by M.V. Thomas Laighton Tour Guide

Side B

Mourning Dove + Northern Cardinal, Spring Chorus - Ethan Allen Homestead, Burlington, VT spring 2020
Chimes, Red-eyed Vireo, Ovenbird - Marlborough, NH summer 2020
Loon Wailing, bullfrogs, green frogs - Marlborough, NH summer 2020
Loon Wailing, peepers, toads - Marlborough, NH summer 2021
Mid-Day Cricket Chorus - Marlborough, NH summer 2020
Hummingbird wings + black bear cubs wrestling - Marlborough, NH summer 2020
Rain, Blue Jays - Marlborough, NH summer 2019
Nighttime cricket chorus, Barred Owl - Marlborough, NH summer 2020