Another Earth

This book of writing and photographs is part of the exhibition of the same title for which artists made land-based installations, essays, and field recordings and compositions in response to their sorroundings. 

Land Chapters brought together 16 artists and writers to respond to natural environments through land-based installation, text, photography, and sound.

The show was presented in three chapters: installations scattered on a 40 acre property in Richmond, Vermont, an artist book featuring essays, scores, photographs, and installation documentation, as well as a tape of field recordings and compositions made in response to the artists’ surroundings.

Artists: Sonia Louise Davis, Ivan Forde, Chief Shirly Hook, Alan Huck, Wren Kitz, Wes Larios, Travis Klunick, Angus McCullough and Ashlin Dolan, Ruben Ulises Rodriguez Montoya, Brian Raymond, Jordan Rosenow, Rachel Vera Steinberg, Lily Consuelo Saporta Tagiuri, Devin Alejandro Wilder, and Stephanie Wilson.

Organized with Artist Field. 

10% of book sales will be donated to the Abenaki Tribal Gardens that Chief Shirly Hook runs in West Braintree, Vermont.

Book designed by Cristian Ordóñez.

Curated by Abbey Meaker, and Estefania Puerta.

Special edition box set available here.


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